With an eye for detail and a knack for strategy and storytelling, Nicole is able to bring a brand to life in a wide variety of ways and guide the process from concept to production. 



In Qualcomm's 30 year history, they had never advertised. We launched their first-ever public campaign with an anthemic "why wait". Qualcomm is at the forefront of mobile technology, inventing the technologies of our daily lives. Their innovations continue to impact people on both a very personal and very grand scale. 


Bertolli creates frozen Italian meals so authentic, it's like stepping into Italy when you taste them. We took this sentiment literally and brought Italy to some unexpected shoppers, transforming the market and their homes to give them a truly  Tuscan dining experience.


Sacramento Street

Caitlin Flemming, founder of popular bay area blog Sacramento Street, needed a re-design of her site that reflected her clean, modern, yet timeless aesthetic. The design is meant to be fresh and subdued, reflecting her personal brand while maintaining her content as priority.

Carter's cart

The Carters opened their first food truck in the parking lot of a roofing company off of Highway 30 in Portland, Or. They needed a logo, business cards, branding collateral, outdoor signage, a responsive website and their actual cart designed. Nicole continues to work with them to communicate their brand.


Benefit Cosmetics is a San Francisco brand with a great story and a great voice.  We created this presentation to help onboard Benebabes around the world. To help them get to know and understand the company they work for, and hopefully inspire them to take their roles to the next level by being bold, beautiful, confident and laughing through it all.

e.l.f. cosmetics

e.l.f. cosmetics approaches their branding, PR, and social media efforts in an innovative way, with grassroots techniques that reach millions of potential customers. They need help communicating this with an internal video that features key influencers, PR efforts, and the faces and numbers to back it up.


Twitter launched a new product on their platform called "Moments", which aggregates the best tweets and content around a particular subject. They enlisted us to announce the launch of Moments in a unique way. So by recreating an historic moment within their current platform, we did just that.


STP Motor Oil needed to illustrate how an engine that is properly maintained can make driving more efficient, powerful, and of course, fun. The drawling voice of Mike Cooley, lead singer of the Drive-By Truckers, hits the message home, while a special edition Dodge Challenger designed by racing legend Richard Petty whizzes by.

Clorox Clean-Up

Clorox Clean-Up is a powerful cleaning agent, meant for powerful messes. Life can messy sometimes, afterall, and Clorox is there when you need it the most. We created a couple spots to illustrate this in an entertaining way.


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Nicole is currently available for freelance projects in Portland, Or, and willing to travel or work remotely depending on the assignment. Please don't hesitate to drop a line.

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